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Mission statement and strategy of the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency

The mission of the Agency is to contribute to quality enhancement of Higher Education through cyclical institutional and programme evaluation and accreditation of higher education institutions  in Bulgaria, through evaluation of projects for opening new higher education institutions  and their basic units, as well as through post-accreditation monitoring and control, providing independence and transparency of the procedures and high competence of the Bulgarian and foreign experts, participating in them.

Accomplishment of NEAA’s mission through evaluation and accreditation procedures. The National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency has the potential to achieve this mission in the European Higher Education Area in compliance with the elaborated and mutually agreed standards, criteria and guidelines for quality management. The mission of NEAA is related to the Higher Education Act (HEA), enacted by the National Assembly (Parliament) of the Republic of Bulgaria. Pursuant to this act the external evaluation and accreditation aims at stimulating the higher education institutions  to enhance their potential and increase and maintain the proper quality of the education offered by them while the outcomes are considered when the government forms its policy towards the higher education.

In fulfilling its mission, NEAA relies on the purpose of accreditation clearly stated in the HEA: “The Accreditation is a recognition on behalf of the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency of the right of a HEIs to provide higher education in education and qualification degrees in certain areas, professional fields and the majors from the regulated professions by evaluating the quality of the activities under art. 6 of the HEA”.

  1. To actively underpin the creating and pursuing the national policy for higher education quality enhancement in our country.
  2. To contribute greatly to the process of higher education and research development at higher education institutions applying the principle of transparency and competition.
  3. To guarantee objective evaluation grades of the higher education institutions and touchstones of their enhancement by assuring good quality during in the evaluation, accreditation and post-accreditation monitoring processes and procedures.
  4. To support the harmonization of processes and activities of NEAA to those of the European Network of Quality Assurance member agencies (ENQA) and the effective co-operation with related ones in the states of the European Union and on the Balkans.


pdf 16x16 Strategy for the Development of NEAA in the period 2018-2023

pdf 16x16 Action plan of NEAA for the implementation of NEAA’s Development Strategy for the period 2018-2023

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