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The administrative management of the administration sections is carried out by a Secretary General, appointed by the Chairman of the Agency.

The Secretary General:

1. distributes, coordinates and controls the current as well as long-term tasks among the separate sections of the general and specialized administration in the Agency;

2. controls the observance of the deadlines for fulfillment of the tasks, ensuing from laws, acts of the Council of Ministers, decisions of the Accreditation Council and/or ordered by the Chairman of the Agency;

3. organizes the activities on publishing the acts of the Agency;

4. maintains the operational relations with the management of the HE institutions and with other administrative structures;

5. organizes and participates in the sessions of the Accreditation Council and has a deliberative vote;

6. coordinates the acts of establishment, amendment, and termination of official labor relations;

7. informs in a timely manner the Chairman and the members of the Accreditation Council regarding changes that have occurred in the legislation, related to the procedures of accreditation and project evaluation;

8. sees to the observance of the normative acts and to the execution of the legal orders of the Chairman of the Agency;

9. is responsible for the management of the state property granted to the Agency;

10. organizes the development, introduction and functioning of the internal system for quality ensuring of the activities of the Agency;

11. approves the job descriptions of the employees.

Organizational units:

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